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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 19 - Verse 28

Verses 28-30. See Barnes "Mt 27:46, also Mt 27:47-50.

That the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst. See Ps 69:21. Thirst was one of the most distressing circumstances attending the crucifixion. The wounds were highly inflamed, and a raging fever was caused, usually, by the sufferings on the cross, and this was accompanied by insupportable thirst. See Barnes "Mt 27:35".

A Mameluke, or Turkish officer, was crucified, it is said in an Arabic manuscript recently translated, on the banks of the river Barads, under the castle of Damascus. He was nailed to the cross on Friday, and remained till Sunday noon, when he died. After giving an account of the crucifixion, the narrator proceeds:


"I have heard this from one who witnessed it; and he

thus remained till he died, patient and silent,

without wailing, but looking around him to the

right and the left, upon the people. But he begged

for water, and none was given him; and the hearts of

the people were melted with compassion for him,

and with pity on one of God's creatures, who, yet a

boy, was suffering under so grievous a trial. In the

meantime the water was flowing around him, and he

gazed upon it, and longed for one drop of it; and he

complained of thirst all the first day, after which

he was silent, for God gave him strength."


—Wiseman's Lectures, p. 164, 165, ed. Andover.

{a} "scripture might be fulfilled" Ps 69:21

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