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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 19 - Verse 26

Verse 26. The disciple—whom he loved. See Joh 13:23.

Woman. This appellation certainly implied no disrespect. See Barnes "Joh 2:4".


Behold thy son! This refers to John, not to Jesus himself. Behold, my beloved disciple shall be to you a son, and provide for you, and discharge toward you the duties of an affectionate child. Mary was poor. It would even seem that now she had no home. Jesus, in his dying moments, filled with tender regard for his mother, secured for her an adopted son, obtained for her a home, and consoled her grief by the prospect of attention from him who was the most beloved of all the apostles. What an example of filial attention! What a model to all children! And how lovely appears the dying Saviour, thus remembering his afflicted mother, and making her welfare one of his last cares on the cross, and even when making atonement for the sins of the world!

{x} "Woman" Joh 13:23

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