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Verse 5. Behold the man. It is probable that Pilate pointed to the Saviour, and his object evidently was to move them to compassion, and to convince them, by a sight of the Saviour himself, that he was innocent. Hence he brought him forth with the crown of thorns, and the purple robe, and with the marks of scourging. Amid all this Jesus was meek, patient, and calm, giving evident proofs of innocence. The conduct of Pilate was as if he had said, \-

"See! The man whom you accuse is arrayed in a gorgeous

robe, as if a king. He has been scourged and mocked.

All this he has borne with patience. See! How calm

and peaceful! Behold his countenance! How mild ! His

body scourged, his heard pierced with thorns! Yet in

all this he is meek and patient. This is the man that

you accuse; and he is now brought forth, that you

may see that he is not guilty."

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