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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 14 - Verse 23

Verse 23. Will keep my words. See Joh 14:15.

We will come to him. We will come to him with the manifestation of pardon, peace of conscience, and joy in the Holy Ghost. It means that God will manifest himself to the soul as a Father and Friend; that Jesus will manifest himself as a Saviour; that is, that there will be shed abroad in the heart just views and proper feelings toward God and Christ. The Christian will rejoice in the perfections of God and of Christ, and will delight to contemplate the glories of a present Saviour. The condition of a sinner is represented as one who has gone astray from God, and from whom God has withdrawn, Ps 58:3; Pr 27:10 Eze 14:11. He is alienated from God, Eph 2:12; Is 1:4; Eph 4:18

Col 1:21. Religion is represented as God returning to the soul, and manifesting himself as reconciled through Jesus Christ, 2 Co 5:18; Col 1:21.

Make our abode. This is a figurative expression implying that God and Christ would manifest themselves in no temporary way, but that it would be the privilege of Christians to enjoy their presence continually. They would take up their residence in the heart as their dwelling-place, as a temple fit for their abode. See 1 Co 3:16: "Ye are the temple of God;" Joh 14:19: "Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost;" 2 Co 6:16: "Ye are the temple of the living God." This does not mean that there is any personal union between Christians and God—that there is any peculiar indwelling of the essence of God in us— for God is essentially present in all places in the same way; but it is a figurative mode of speaking, denoting that the Christian is under the influence of God; that he rejoices in his presence, and that he has the views, the feelings, the joys which God produces in a redeemed soul, and with which he is pleased.

{v} "and we will come into him" 1 Jo 2:24; Re 3:20

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