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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 12 - Verse 38

Verse 38. The saying The word of Isaiah, or that which Isaiah predicted. This occurs in Isa 53:1.

Might be fulfilled. That the same effect should occur which occurred in the time of Isaiah. This does not mean that the Pharisees rejected Christ in order that the prophecy of Isaiah should be fulfilled, but that by their rejection of him the same thing had occurred which took place in the time of Isaiah. His message was despised by the nation, and he himself put to death. And it was also true—by the same causes, by the same nation—that the same gospel message was rejected by the Jews in the time of Christ. The same language of the prophet would express both events, and no doubt it was intended by the Holy Spirit to mark both events. In this Way it was completely fulfilled. See Barnes on "Is 53:1".


Our report. Literally, by report is meant "what is heard." Our speech, our message. That is, few or none have received the message. The form of the question is an emphatic way of saying that it was rejected.

The arm of the Lord. The arm is a symbol of power, as it is the instrument by which we execute our purposes. It is put for the power of God, Isa 51:9; 52:10. Thus he is said to have brought out the children of Israel from Egypt with a high arm—that is, with great power. It hence means God's power in defending his people, in overcoming his enemies, and in saving the soul. In this place it clearly denotes the power displayed by the miracles of Christ.

Revealed. Made known, seen, understood. Though the power of God was displayed, yet the people did not see and understand it.

{q} "Lord, who hath believed our report" Isa 53:3

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