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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 12 - Verse 44

Verse 44. Jesus cried and said. John does not say where or when this was; it is probable, however, that it was a continuation of the discourse recorded in Joh 12:30-36. Jesus saw their unbelief, and proceeded to state the consequence of believing on him, and of rejecting him and his message.

Believeth not on me. That is, not on me alone, or his faith does not terminate on me. Comp. Mt 10:20; Mr 9:37. It involves, also, belief in him that sent me. Jesus uniformly represents the union between himself and God as so intimate that there could not be faith in him unless there was also faith in God. He did the same works (Joh 5:17-20,36; 10:25,37), and taught the very doctrine which God had commissioned him to do, Joh 8:38; 5:30,20-23.


{v} "He that believeth" Joh 1:5; 3:19

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