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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 12 - Verse 10

Verse 10. That they might put Lazarus also to death. When men are determined not to believe the gospel, there is no end to the crimes to which they are driven. Lazarus was alive, and the evidence of his resurrection was so clear that they could not resist it. They could neither deny it, nor prevent its effect on the people. As it was determined to kill Jesus, so they consulted about the propriety of removing Lazarus first, that the number of his followers might be lessened, and that the death of Jesus might make less commotion. Unbelief stops at no crime. Lazarus was innocent; they could bring no charge against him; but they deliberately plotted murder rather than believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

{h} "put Lazarus to death" Mt 21:8; Mr 11:8; Lu 19:36

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