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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 11 - Verse 25

Verse 25. I am the resurrection. I am the author or the cause of the resurrection. It so depends on my power and will, that it may be said that I am the resurrection itself. This is a most expressive way of saying that the whole doctrine of the resurrection came from him, and the whole power to effect it was his. In a similar manner he is said to be made of God unto us "wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctifcation, and redemption," 1 Co 1:30.

And the life. Joh 1:4. As the resurrection of


depends on him, he intimated that it was not indispensable that it should be deferred to the last day. He had power to do it now as well as then.

Though he were dead. Faith does not save from temporal death; but although the believer, as others, will die a temporal@\ death, yet he will hereafter have life. Even if he dies, he shall hereafter live.

Shall he live. Shall be restored to life in the resurrection.

{n} "the resurrection" Joh 5:29 {o} "the life" Isa 38:16; Joh 14:6; 1 Jo 1:2

{p} "though he were dead" Job 19:26; Isa 26:19; Ro 4:17

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