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Verses 9,10. Twelve hours. The Jews divided and the day from sunrise to sunset into twelve equal parts. A similar illustration our Saviour uses in Joh 9:4,5. See Barnes "Joh 9:4".


If any man walk. If any man travels. The illustration here is taken from a traveller. The conversation was respecting a journey into Judea, and our Lord, as was his custom, took the illustration from the case before him.

He stumbleth not. He is able, having light, to make his journey safely. He sees the obstacles or dangers and can avoid them.

The light of this world. The light by which the world is illuminated —that is, the light of the sun.

In the night. In darkness he is unable to see danger or obstacles, and to avoid them. His journey is unsafe and perilous, or, in other words, it is not a proper time to travel.

No light in him. He sees no light. It is dark; his eyes admit no light within him to direct his way. This description is figurative, and it is difficult to fix the meaning. Probably the intention was the following:

1st. Jesus meant to say that there was an allotted or appointed time for him to live and do his Father's will, represented here by the twelve hours of the day.

2nd. Though his life was nearly spent, yet it was not entirely; a remnant of it was left.

3rd. A traveller journeyed on till night. It was as proper for him to travel the twelfth hour as any other.

4th. So it was proper for Jesus to labour until the close. It was the proper time for him to work. The night of death was coming, and no work could then be done.

5th. God would defend him in this until the appointed time of his death. He had nothing to fear, therefore, in Judea from the Jews, until it was the will of God that he should die. He was safe in his hand, and he went fearlessly into the midst of his foes, trusting in him. This passage teaches us that we should be diligent to the end of life; fearless of enemies when we that God requires us to labour, confidently committing ourselves to Him who is able to shield us, and in whose hand, if we have a conscience void of offence, we are safe.

{g} "any man walk in the day" Joh 12:35

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