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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 10 - Verse 16

Verse 16. Other sheep. There are others who shall be members of my redeemed church.

I have. This does not imply that they were then his friends, but that they would be. There were others whom it was his purpose and intention to call to the blessings of the gospel and salvation. The purpose was so sure, and the fact that they would believe on him so certain, that he could use the present tense as if they were already his own. This purpose was in accordance with the promise (Isa 53:11), "He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied." An instance of a parallel expression occurs in Ac 18:10 "I have much people in this city" (Corinth). That is, it was the purpose of God to bless the preaching of Paul, and give him many souls as the seals of his ministry. It was so certain that they would believe in the Saviour, that it could be spoken of as if it were already done. This certainty could have existed only in consequence of the intention of God that it should be so. It did not consist in any disposition to embrace the gospel which was foreseen, for they were the most corrupt and licentious people of antiquity, and it must have been because God meant that it should be so. Declarations like these are full proof that God has a plan in regard to the salvation of men, and that the number is known and determined by him. Learn—

1. That it is not a question of chance or uncertainty whether men shall be saved.

2. That there is encouragement for preaching the gospel. There are those whom God means to save, and if he intends to do it it will be done.

Not of this fold. Not Jews. This is a distinct intimation that the gospel was to be preached to the Gentiles—a doctrine extremely offensive to the Jews. This prediction of the Saviour has been strikingly confirmed in the conversion of millions of the Gentiles to the gospel.

Them also I must bring. Bring into the church and kingdom of heaven. This was to be done, not by his personal ministry, but by the labour of his apostles and other ministers.

One fold. One church; there shall be no distinction, no peculiar national privileges. The partition between the Jews and the Gentiles shall be broken down, and there shall be no pre-eminence of rank or honour, Eph 2:14: "Christ hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;" Ro 10:12: "There is no difference between the Jew and the Greek."

One shepherd. That is, the Lord Jesus—the common Saviour, deliverer, and friend of all true believers, in whatever land they were born and whatever tongue they may speak. This shows that Christians of all denominations and countries should feel that they are one—redeemed by the same blood, and going to the same eternal home. Comp. 1 Co 12:13; Ga 3:28; Col 3:11; Ac 17:26.


{p} "And other" Isa 49:6; 56:8 {q} "And there shall be one fold" Eze 37:22; Eph 2:14

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