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Verse 2. The Jews' feast of tabernacles. Or the feast of tents. This feast was celebrated on the fifteenth day of the month Tisri, answering to the last half of our month September and the first half of October, Nu 29:12; De 16:13-15. It was so called from the tents or tabernacles which on that occasion were erected in and about Jerusalem, and was designed to commemorate their dwelling in tents in the wilderness, Ne 8:16-18. During the continuance of this feast they dwelt in booths or tents, as their fathers did in the wilderness, Le 23:42,43. The feast was continued eight days, and the eighth or last day was the most distinguished, and was called the great day of the feast, Joh 7:37; Nu 29:35. The Jews on this occasion not only dwelt in booths, but they carried about the branches of palms, willows, and other trees which bore a thick foliage, and also branches of the olive-tree, myrtle, &c., Ne 8:15. Many sacrifices were offered on this occasion (Nu 29:12-39; De 16:14-16), and it was a time of general joy. It is called by Josephus and Philo the greatest feast, and was one of the three feasts which every male among the Jews was obliged to attend.

{a} "feast of Tabernacles" Le 23:24

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