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Verse 38. I believe. This was the overflowing expression of gratitude and faith.

And he worshipped him. He did homage to him as the Messiah and as his gracious benefactor. See Barnes "Mt 2:2".

This shows,

1st. That it is right and natural to express thanks and praise for mercies.

2nd. All blessings should lead us to pour out our gratitude to Jesus, for it is from him that we receive them.

3rd. Especially is this true when the mind has been enlightened, when our spiritual eyes have been opened, and we are permitted to see the glories of the heavenly world.

4th. It is right to pay homage or worship to Jesus. He forbade it not. He received it on earth, and for all mercies of providence and redemption we should pay to him the tribute of humble and grateful hearts. The Syriac renders the phrase, "he worshipped him," thus: "and, casting himself down, he adored him." The Persic, "and he bowed down and adored Christ." The Arabic, "and he adored him." The Latin Vulgate, "and, falling down, he adored him."

{a} "For judgment" Joh 5:22,27; 12:47

{b} "they which see not" 1 Pe 2:9 {c} "they which see might" Mt 14:33

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