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Verse 20. Our fathers. The Samaritans; perhaps also meaning to intimate that the patriarchs had done it also. See Ge 12:6; 33:20.

Worshipped. Had a place of worship.

In this mountain. Mount Gerizim, but a little way from Sychar. On this mountain they had built a temple somewhat similar to the one in Jerusalem. This was one of the main subjects of controversy between them and the Jews. The old Samaritan Pentateuch, or five books of Moses, has the word Gerizim instead of Ebal in De 27:4. On this account, as well as because the patriarchs are mentioned as having worshipped in Shethem, they supposed that that was the proper place on which to erect the temple.

Ye say. Ye Jews.

In Jerusalem. The place where the temple was built. This was built in accordance with the promise and command of God, De 12:5,11. In building this, David and Solomon were under the divine direction, 2 Sa 7:2,3,13; 1 Ki 5:5,12; 8:15-22.


As it was contemplated in the law of Moses that there should be but one place to offer sacrifice and to hold the great feasts, so it followed that the Samaritans were in error in supposing that their temple was the place. Accordingly, our Saviour decided in favour of the Jews, yet in such a manner as to show the woman that the question was of much less consequence than they supposed it to be.

{l} "this mountain" Jud 9:7 {m} "in Jerusalem" De 12:5-11; 1 Ki 9:3

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