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Verses 33, 34.

The same said, &c. This was the sign by which he was to know the Messiah. He was to see the Spirit descending like a dove and abiding on him. It does not follow, however, that he had no intimation before this that Jesus was the Christ, but it means that by this he should infallibly know it. From Mt 3:13,14, it seems that John supposed, before the baptism of Jesus, that he

claimed to be the Messiah, and that he believed it; but the infallible, certain

, testimony in the case was the descent of the Holy Spirit on him at his baptism.


That this is the Son of God. This was distinctly declared by a voice from heaven at his baptism, Mt 3:17.

This John heard, and he testified that he had heard it.

{h} "descending and remaining" Joh 3:34 {i} "baptizeth" Ac 1:5; 2:4

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