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Verse 41.

He first findeth He found him and told him about Jesus

before he brought him to Jesus.


We have found the Messias. They had learned from the testimony of John, and now had been more fully convinced from conversation with Jesus, that he was the Messiah. The word Messiah, or Messias, is Hebrew, and means the same as the Greek word Christ, anointed. See Barnes "Mt 1:1".

From the conduct of Andrew we may learn that it is the nature of religion to desire that others may possess it. It does not lead us to monopolize it or to hide it under a bushel, but it seeks that others also may be brought to the Saviour. It does not

wait for them to come, but it goes for them; it seeks them out, and tells them that a Saviour is found. Young converts should seek

their friends and neighbours, and tell them of a Saviour; and not only their relatives, but all others as far as possible, that all may come to Jesus and be saved.

{6} "the Christ" or, "

the anointed


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