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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 24 - Verse 21

Verse 21. We trusted. We hoped and expected.

Should have redeemed Israel. That he was the Messiah, who would have delivered the nation from the Romans.

Besides all this. It is to be observed that Cleopas states things just as they occurred to his own mind. There is little connection. His mind is confused and distracted. There were so many things that were remarkable in Jesus; there was so much evidence that he was the Messiah; their hopes had been so suddenly dashed by his death, and the succeeding events had been so wonderful, that his mind was confused, and he knew not what to think. The things which he now stated served to increase his perplexity. The expressions here are perfectly natural. They bespeak an agitated mind. They are simple touches of nature, which show that the book was not forged. If the book had been the work of imposture, this artless and perplexed narrative would not have been thought of.

Today is the third day, &c. Jesus had foretold them that he would rise on the third day. This they did not understand; but it is not improbable that they looked to this day expecting something wonderful, and that the visit to the sepulchre had called it to their recollection, and they were more and more amazed when they put all these things together. As if they had said,

"The third day is come, and we have not seen him. Yet

we begin to remember his promise—the angels have

informed us that he is alive—but we do not know

how to put these things together, or what to make

of them."

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