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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 22 - Verse 37

Verse 37. This that is written. See Barnes "Is 53:12".


Was reckoned among the transgressors. Not reckoned as a transgressor, but among or with them—that is, he was treated as transgressors are. He was put to death in their company, and as he would have been if he had been a transgressor. He was innocent, holy, harmless, and undefiled, He 7:26. God knew this always, and could not think of him, or make him to be otherwise than he was; yet it pleased him to bruise him, and to give him into the hands of men who did reckon him as a transgressor, and who treated him accordingly.

Have an end. This may either mean, "shall be surely accomplished," or "they are about to be fulfilled," or "are now fulfilled." The former is probably the meaning, denoting that every prophecy in regard to him would certainly be accomplished.

{y} "reckoned with transgressors" Is 53:12

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