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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 12 - Verse 32

Verse 32. Little flock. Our Saviour often represents himself as a shepherd, and his followers as a flock or as sheep. The figure was beautiful. In Judea it was a common employment to attend flocks. The shepherd was with them, defended them, provided for them, led them to green pastures and beside still waters. In all these things Jesus was and is eminently the Good Shepherd. His flock was small. Few really followed him, compared with the multitude who professed to love him. But, though small in number, they were not to fear. God was their Friend. He would provide for them. It was his purpose to give them the kingdom, and they had nothing to fear, see Mt 6:19-21.

{b} "little flock" Is 40:11; Joh 10:27,28

{c} "it is the father's good pleasure" Mt 25:34; Joh 18:36; Heb 12:28


Jas 2:5; 2 Pe 1:11; Re 1:6; 22:5

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