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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 12 - Verse 21

Verse 21. So is he. This is the portion or the doom.

Layeth up treasure for himself. Acquires riches for his own use—for himself. This is the characteristic of the covetous man. It is all for himself. His plans terminate there. He lives only for himself, and acts only with regard to his own interest.

Rich toward God. Has no inheritance in the kingdom of God—no riches laid up in heaven. His affections are all fixed on this world, and he has none for God.

From this instructive parable we learn—

1st. That wicked men are often signally prospered—their ground brings forth plentifully. God gives them their desire, but sends leanness into their souls.

2nd. That riches bring with them always an increasing load of cares and anxieties.

3rd. That they steal away the affections from God—are sly, insinuating, and dangerous to the soul.

4th. That the anxiety of a covetous man is not what good he may do with his wealth, but where he may hoard it, and keep it secure from doing any good.

5th. That riches cannot secure their haughty owners from the grave. Death will come upon them suddenly, unexpectedly, awfully. In the very midst of the brightest anticipations—in a moment—in the twinkling of an eye— it may come, and all the wealth that has been accumulated cannot alleviate one pang, or drive away one fear, or prolong life for one moment.

6th. That the man who is trusting to his riches in this manner is a fool in the sight of God. Soon, also, he will be a fool in his own sight, and will go to hell with the consciousness that his life has been one of eminent folly.

7th. That the path of true wisdom is to seek first the kingdom of God, and to be ready to die; and then it matters little what is our portion here, or how suddenly or soon we are called away to meet our Judge. If our affections are not fixed on our riches, we shall leave them without regret. If our treasures are laid up in heaven, death will be but going home, and happy will be that moment when we are called to our rest.

{v} "layeth up treasure" Hab 2:9 {w} "is not rich toward God" 1 Ti 6:18; Jas 2:5; Lu 12:33

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