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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 11 - Verse 54

Verse 54. Laying wait for him. Or, rather, laying snares for him. It means that they endeavoured to entangle him in his talk; that they did as men do who catch birds—who lay snares, and deceive them, and take them unawares.

That they might accuse him. Before the Sanhedrim, or great council of the nation, and thus secure his being put to death.

From this we may learn—

1st. That faithful reproofs must be expected to excite opposition and hatred. Though the conscience may be roused, and may testify against the man that is reproved, yet that does not prevent his hating the reproof and the reprover.

2nd. We see here the manner in which wicked men endeavour to escape the reproofs of conscience. Instead of repenting, they seek vengeance, and resolve to put the reprover to shame or to death.

3rd. We see the exceeding malignity which men have against the Lord Jesus. Well was it said that he was set for the fall of many in Israel, that thereby the thoughts of many hearts might be revealed! Lu 2:34,35. Men, now, are not by nature less opposed to Jesus than they were then.

4th. We see the wisdom, purity, and firmness of the Saviour. To their souls he had been faithful. He had boldly reproved them for their sins. They sought his life. Multitudes of the artful and learned gathered around him, to endeavour to draw out something of which they might accuse him, yet in vain. Not a word fell from his lips of which they could accuse him. Everything that he said was calm, mild, peaceful, wise, and lovely. Even his cunning and bitter adversaries were always confounded, and retired in shame and confusion. Here, surely, must have been something more than man. None but God manifest in the flesh could have known all their designs, seen all their wickedness and their wiles and escaped the cunning stratagems that were laid to confound and entangle him in his conversation.

5th. The same infinitely wise Saviour can still meet and confound all his own enemies and those of his people, and deliver all his followers, as he did himself, from all the snares laid by a wicked world to lead them to sin and death.

{o} "and seeking" Mr 12:13

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