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Verse 16. Came a fear on all. An awe or solemnity at the presence of one who had power to raise the dead, and at the miracle which had been performed.

Glorified God. Praised or honoured God that he had sent such a prophet.

And, That God hath visited his people. Some said one thing and some another, but all expressing their belief that God had showed peculiar favour to the people.

Hath visited. See Barnes "Lu 1:68".

The raising of this young man was one of the most decisive and instructive of our Lord's miracles. There was no doubt that he was dead. There could be no delusion, and no agreement to impose on the people. He came near to the city with no reference to this young man; he met the funeral procession, as it were, by accident, and by a word he restored him to life. All those who had the best opportunity of judging-the mother, the friends— believed him to be dead, and were about to bury him. The evidence that he came to life was decisive. He sat up, he spake, and all were impressed with the full assurance that God had raised him to life. Many witnesses were present, and none doubted that Jesus by a word had restored him to his weeping mother.

The whole scene was affecting. Here was a widowed mother who was following her only son, her stay and hope, to the grave. He was borne along—one in the prime of life and the only comfort of his parent—impressive proof that the young, the useful, the vigorous, and the lovely may die. Jesus met them, apparently a stranger. He approached the procession as if he had something important to say; he touched the bier, and the procession stood still. He was full of compassion for the weeping parent, and by a word restored the youth, stretched upon the bier, to life. He sat up, and spake. Jesus therefore had power over the dead. He also has power to raise sinners, dead in trespasses and sins, to life. He can speak the word, and, though in their death of sin they are borne along toward ruin, he can open their eyes, and raise them up, and restore them revived to real life or to their friends. Often he raises up children in this manner, and gives them, converted to God, to their friends, imparting as real joy as he gave to the widow of Nain by raising her son from the dead. And every child should remember, if he has pious parents, that there is no way in which he can give so much joy to them as embracing Him who is the resurrection and the life, and resolving to live to his glory.

{h} "great prophet" Lu 24:19 {i} "God hath visited" Lu 1:68

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