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Verse 40. The disciple is not, &c. The learner is not above his teacher, does not know more, and must expect to fare no better. This seems to have been spoken to show them that they were not to expect that their disciples would go beyond them in attainments; that if they were blind, their followers would be also; and that therefore it was important for them to understand fully the doctrines of the gospel, and not to be blind leaders of the blind.

Every one that is perfect. The word rendered is perfect means sometimes to repair or mend, and is thus applied to mending nets, Mt 4:21; Mr 1:19. Hence it means to repair or amend in a moral sense, or to make whole or complete. Here it means, evidently, thoroughly instructed or informed. The Christian should be like his master —holy, harmless, and undefiled, and separate from sinners. He should copy his example, and grow into the likeness of his Redeemer. Nor can any other be a Christian.

{x} "The disciple" Mt 10:24; Joh 13:16; 15:20

{1} "that is perfect" \\or shall be perfected as his master


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