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Verse 25. Whose name was Simeon. Some have supposed that this Simeon was a son of the famous Hillel, a distinguished teacher in Jerusalem, and president of the Sanhedrim; but nothing is certainly known of him but what is here related. He was an aged man, of distinguished piety and reputation, and was anxiously expecting the coming of the Messiah. Such an old age is peculiarly honourable. No spectacle is more sublime than an old man of piety and high character looking for the appearing of the Lord, and patiently waiting for the time to come when he may be blessed with the sight of his Redeemer.

Just. Righteous before God and man; approved by God as a righteous man, and discharging faithfully his duty to man.

Devout {i} . This word means a religious man, or a pious man. The original expresses the idea of good reputation, well received, or of high standing among the people.

Waiting for the consolation {k} of Israel. That is, waiting for the Messiah, who is called the consolation of Israel because he would give comfort to them by his appearing. This term was often applied to the Messiah before he actually appeared. It was common to swear, also, by "the consolation of Israel "—that is, by the Messiah about to come. See Lightfoot on this place.

The Holy Ghost, &c. He was a holy man, and was divinely inspired respecting the Messiah about to appear.

{i} Mr 15:43; Lu 2:38 {k} Isa 40:1

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