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Verse 46. After three days. This means, probably, on the third day after they had left Jerusalem — that is, the first day they went toward Galilee, on the second they returned to Jerusalem, and on the third they found him. Comp. Mt 27:63; Mr 8:31.

In the temple. In the court of the temple, for Jesus, not being a Levitical priest, could not enter into the temple itself. See Mt 21:12.

In the midst of the doctors. The teachers, the Rabbins, who were the instructors of the people in matters of religion.

Asking them questions. Proposing questions to them respecting the law and the prophets. There is no reason to suppose that this was for the purpose of perplexing or confounding them. The questions were doubtless proposed in a respectful manner, and the answers listened to with proper deference to their age and rank. Jesus was a child, and religion does not teach a child to be rude or uncivil, even though he may really know much more than more aged persons. Religion teaches all, and especially the young, to treat others with respect, to show them the honour that is due, to venerate age, and to speak kindly to all, 1 Pe 2:17; 1 Pe 3:8,9; Ex 20:12; Mt 23:3; Ro 13:7

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