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Verse 51. Went down with them. Down from Jerusalem, which was in a high, mountainous region.

Was subject unto them. Performed the duty of a faithful and obedient child, and not improbably was engaged in the trade of Joseph—- that of a carpenter. Every Jew was required to learn some trade, and there is every reason to think that our Saviour followed that of his reputed father. And from this we learn—

1. That obedience to parents is a duty. Jesus has set an example in this that all children should follow. Though he was the Son of God, and on proper occasions was engaged in the great work of redemption, yet he was also the son of Mary, and he loved and obeyed his mother, and was subject to her.

2. It is no dishonour to be a mechanic, or to be brought up in an obscure employment. Jesus has conferred honour on virtuous industry, and no man should be ashamed of industrious parents, though poor, or of a condition of life that is far from ease and affluence. Industry is honourable, and virtuous poverty should not be regarded as a matter of reproach. The only thing to be ashamed of, in regard to this matter, is when men are idle, or when children are too proud to hear or speak of the occupation of their parents, or to follow the same occupation.

{a} "his mother kept all these sayings" Da 7:28; Lu 2:19

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