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Verse 48. He hath regarded the {t} low estate of his handmaid. Literally, he has looked upon the low or humble condition of his handmaid. That is, notwithstanding her humble rank and poverty, he has shown her favour. And this example abundantly teaches what is elsewhere fully taught in the Bible, that God is not a respecter of persons; that he is not influenced, in conferring favours, by wealth, honour, or office, Ro 2:11; Ro 10:11,12.

He seeks the humble and the contrite; he imparts his rich blessings to those who feel that they need them, and who will bless him for them, Ps 138:6; Is 57:15.

From henceforth. Hereafter, or in consequence of this.

All generations. All men. All posterity.

{u} Call me blessed. Pronounce me highly favoured or happy in being the mother of the Messiah. It is therefore right to consider her as highly favoured or happy; but this certainly does not warrant us to worship her or to pray to her. Abraham was blessed in being the father of the faithful; Paul in being the apostle to the Gentiles; Peter in first preaching the gospel to them; but who would think of worshipping or praying to Abraham, Paul, or Peter?

{t} Ps 136:23 {u} Mal 3:12; Lu 11:27

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