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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MARK - Chapter 11 - Verse 25

Verse 25. And when ye stand praying. When ye pray. It seems that the posture in prayer was sometimes standing and sometimes kneeling. God looks upon the heart rather than upon our position in worship; and if the heart be right, any posture may be proper. It cannot be doubted, however, that in private, in the family, and wherever it can be conveniently done, the kneeling posture is more proper, as expressing more humility and reverence, and more in accordance with Scripture examples, Compare Ps 95:6; 2 Ch 6:13; Da 6:10; Lu 22:41; Ac 7:60; 9:40.

Yet a subject like this may be regarded as of too much consequence, and we should be careful that anxiety about a mere form should not exclude anxiety about a far more important matter—the state of the soul.

Forgive, etc. See Barnes "Mt 6:12,15".


{f} "forgive" Mt 6:14; Col 3:13

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