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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MARK - Chapter 11 - Verse 11

Verse 11-26. See Barnes "Mt 21:18"

and Mt 21:19-22

Verse 11. Into the temple. Not into the edifice properly called the temple, but into the courts which surrounded the principal edifice. Our Saviour, not being of the tribe of Levi, was not permitted to enter into the holy or most holy place; and when, therefore, it is said that he went into the temple, it is always to be understood of the courts surrounding the temple. See Mt 21:12.

And when he had looked round about upon all. Having seen or examined everything. He saw the abominations and abuses which he afterwards corrected. It may be wondered at, that he did not at once correct them, instead of waiting to another day. But it may be observed that God is slow to anger, that he does not at once smite the guilty, but waits patiently before he rebukes and chastises.

The eventide. The evening; the time after three o'clock, P.M. It is very probable that this was before sunset. The religious services of the temple closed, without the offering of the evening sacrifice, at three o'clock, P. M., and Jesus probably soon left the city.

{v} "and when" Zep 1:12; Eze 8:9

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