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Verse 38. Ashamed of me. Ashamed to own attachment to me on account of my lowly appearance, and my poverty, contempt, and sufferings.

And of my words. My doctrines, my instructions.

This adulterous and sinful generation. This age given to wickedness, particularly to adultery.

In the glory of his Father. In the day of judgment. See Barnes "Mt 25:31".

The meaning of this verse is, whosoever shall refuse, through pride or wickedness, to acknowledge and serve Christ here, shall be excluded from his kingdom hereafter. He was lowly, meek, and despised. Yet there was an inimitable beauty in his character even then. But he will come again in awful grandeur;—not as the babe of Bethlehem; not as the Man of Nazareth; but as the Son of God, in majesty and glory. They that would not acknowledge him here must be rejected by him there; they that would not serve him always, will never enjoy him; they that would cast him out and despise him, must be cast out by him, and consigned to eternal, hopeless sorrows.

{n} "Whosoever" Lu 12:9; 2 Ti 1:8

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