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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 16 - Verse 20

Verse 20. And the God of peace. The God who promotes peace, Ro 15:33.

Shall bruise. The language here refers to the prediction in Ge 3:15. It here means to subdue, to gain the victory over. It denotes Paul's confidence that they would gain the victory, and would be able to overcome all the arts of those who were endeavouring to sow discord and contention among them.

Satan. The word Satan is Hebrew, meaning, originally, an accuser, a calumniator, and then an enemy. It is given to the prince of evil spirits from his enmity to God and men. He is here regarded as the author of all attempts to promote discord in the church, by whomsoever those attempts were made. Hence they who attempt to produce divisions are called "his ministers," 2 Co 11:15. God would disappoint their malignant purposes, and promote the prevalence of peace.

The grace. The favour; the mercy, etc. The Lord Jesus is the Prince of Peace, (Isa 9:6 comp. Lu 2:14; Joh 14:27); and this expression is a prayer to him, or an earnest wish expressed, that the design of his coming might be accomplished in promoting the prevalence of order and peace. Comp. 1 Co 16:23; Re 22:21.

{c} "God of peace" Ro 15:33 {2) "bruise" or, "tread" {d} "Satan" Ge 3:15 {e} "shortly" Re 12:10 {f} "Amen" 1 Co 16:23; Re 22:21


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