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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 14 - Verse 11

Verse 11. For it is written. This passage is recorded in Isa 45:23. It is not quoted literally, but the sense is preserved. In Isaiah there can be no doubt that it refers to Jehovah. The speaker expressly calls himself JEHOVAH, the name which is appropriate to God alone, and which is never applied to a creature, Isa 45:18,21, Isa 45:24,25. In the place before us, the words are applied by Paul expressly to Christ. Comp. Ro 14:10. This mode of quotation is a strong incidental proof that the apostle regarded the Lord Jesus as Divine. On no other principle could he have made these quotations.

As I live. The Hebrew is, "I have sworn by myself." One expression is equivalent to the other. An oath of God is often expressed by the phrase "as I live," Nu 14:21; Isa 49:18; Eze 5:11; 14:16, etc.

Saith the Lord. These words are not in the Hebrew text, but are added by the apostle to show that the passage quoted was spoken by the Lord, the Messiah. Comp. Isa 45:18,22.

Every knee shall bow to me. To bow the knee is an act expressing homage, submission, or adoration. It means, that every person shall acknowledge him as God, and admit his right to universal dominion. The passage in Isaiah refers particularly to the homage which his own people should render to him; or rather, means that all who are saved shall acknowledge him as their God and Saviour. The original reference was not to all men, but only to those who should be saved, Isa 45:17,21,22,24.

In this sense the apostle uses it; not as denoting that all men should confess to God, but that all Christians, whether Jewish or Gentile converts, should alike give account to him. They should all bow before their common God, and acknowledge his dominion over them. The passage originally did not refer particularly to the day of judgment, but expressed the truth that all believers should acknowledge his dominion. It is as applicable, however, to the judgment, as to any other act of homage which his people will render.

Every tongue shall confess to God. In the Hebrew, "Every tongue shall swear." Not swear by God, but to him; that is, pay to him our vows, or answer to him on oath for our conduct; and this is the same as confessing to him, or acknowledging him as our Judge.

{q} "As I live" Isa 14:23.

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