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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 13 - Verse 13

Verse 13. Let us walk. To walk is an expression denoting to live; let us live, or conduct, etc.

Honestly. The word here used means, rather, in a decent or becoming manner; in a manner appropriate to those who are the children of light.

As in the day. As if all our actions were seen and known. Men by day, or in open light, live decently; their foul and wicked deeds are done in the night. The apostle exhorts Christians to live as if all their conduct were seen, and they had nothing which they wished to conceal.

In rioting. Revelling; denoting the licentious conduct, the noisy and obstreperous mirth, the scenes of disorder and sensuality, which attend luxurious living.

Drunkenness. Rioting and drunkenness constitute the first class of sins from which he would keep them. It is scarcely necessary to add, that these were common crimes among the heathen.

In chambering. "Lewd, immodest behaviour." (Webster.) The Greek word includes illicit indulgences of all kinds, adultery, etc. The words chambering and wantonness constitute the second class of crimes from which the apostle exhorts Christians to abstain. That these were common crimes among the heathen it is not necessary to say. See Barnes on Romans chapter 1; also See Barnes "Eph 5:12".

It is not possible, nor would it be proper, to describe the scenes of licentious indulgence of which all pagans are guilty. As Christians were to be a peculiar people, therefore, the apostle enjoins on them purity and holiness of life.

Not in strife. Strife and envying are the third class of sins from which the apostle exhorts them. The word strife means contention, disputes, litigations. The exhortation is, that they should live in peace.

Envying. Greek, Zeal. It denotes any intense, vehement, fervid passion. It is not improperly rendered here by envying. These vices are properly introduced in connexion with the others. They usually accompany each other. Quarrels and contentions come out of scenes of drunkenness and debauchery. But for such scenes there would be little contention, and the world would be comparatively at peace.

{e} "walk honestly" or, "decently" {f} "not in rioting" Php 4:8; 1 Pe 2:12 {g} "and drunkenness" 1 Pe 4:3 {h} "chambering and wantonness" 1 Co 6:9,10

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