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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 10 - Verse 4

Verse 4. For Christ. This expression implies faith in Christ. This is the design of the discussion, to show that justification cannot be obtained by our own righteousness, but by faith in Christ. As no direct benefit results to men from Christ unless they believe on him, faith in him is implied where the word occurs in this connexion.

Is the end of the law. The word translated "end" means that which completes a thing, or renders it perfect; also the boundary, issue, or termination of anything, as the end of life, the result of a prophecy, etc., Joh 13:1; Lu 22:37. It also means the design or object which is had in view; the principal purpose for which it was undertaken. 1 Ti 1:5, "The end of the commandment is charity;" the main design or purpose of the command is to produce love. 1 Pe 1:9, "The end of your faith, the salvation of your souls; "the main design or purpose of faith is to secure salvation. Ro 14:9, "To this end Christ both died," etc.; for this design or purpose. This is doubtless its meaning here. The main design or object which the perfect obedience of the law would accomplish, is accomplished by faith in Christ. That is, perfect obedience to the law would accomplish justification before God, secure his favour and eternal life. The same end is now accomplished by faith in Christ. The great desire of both is the same; and the same great end is finally gained. This was the subject of discussion between the apostle and the Jews; and this is all that is necessary to understand in the case. Some have supposed that the word end refers to the ceremonial law; that Christ fulfilled it, and brought it to an end. Others, that he perfectly fulfilled the moral law. And others, that the law in the end leads us to Christ, or that its design is to point us to him. all this is true, but not the truth taught in this passage. That is simple and plain, that by faith in Christ the same end is accomplished in regard to our justification, that would be by perfect obedience to the moral law.

For righteousness. Unto justification, or acceptance with God.

To every one that believeth. See Barnes "Ro 1:17".


{l} "end of the law" Heb 10:14.

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