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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 8 - Verse 34

Verse 34. Who is he that condemneth? Who shall pass sentence of condemnation, and consign to perdition? The office of passing sentence of condemnation on men shall pertain to Christ, the Judge of quick and dead, and the apostle proceeds to say that it was certain that he would not condemn the elect of God. They were therefore secure,

It is Christ that died. Or, as it may be rendered, "Shall Christ, who has died, condemn them?" The argument here is, that as Christ died to save them, and not to destroy them, he will not condemn them. His death for them is a security that he will not condemn them. As he died to save them, and as they have actually embraced his salvation, there is the highest security that he will not condemn them. This is the first argument for their security from the death of Christ.

Yea rather, that is risen again. This is a second consideration for their security from his work. He rose for their justification, See Barnes "Ro 4:25"

and as this was the object which he had in view, it follows that he will not condemn them.

Who is even at the right hand of God. Invested with power, and dignity, and authority in heaven. This is a third consideration to show that Christ will not condemn us, and that Christians are secure. He is clothed with power; he is exalted to honour; he is placed at the head of all things. And this solemn enthronement and investiture with power over the universe, is with express reference to the salvation of his church and people, Mt 28:18,19; Joh 17:2; Eph 1:20-23.

The Christian is, therefore, under the protection of Christ, and is secure from being condemned by him.

Who also maketh intercession for us. See Barnes "Ro 8:26".

Who pleads our cause; who aids and assists us; who presents our interests before the mercy-seat in the heavens, for this purpose he ascended to heaven, Heb 7:25. This is the fourth consideration which the apostle urges for the security of Christians drawn from the work of Christ. By all these, he argues their complete security from being subject to condemnation by him who shall pronounce the doom of all mankind, and therefore their complete safety in the day of judgment. Having the Judge of all for our friend, we are safe.

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