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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 8 - Verse 13

Verse 13. For if ye live, etc. If you live to indulge your carnal propensities, you will sink to eternal death, Ro 7:23.

Through the Spirit. By the aid of the Spirit; by cherishing and cultivating his influences. What is here required can be accomplished only by the aid of the Holy Ghost.

Do mortify. Do put to death; do destroy. Sin is mortified when its power is destroyed and it ceases to be active.

The deeds of the body. The corrupt inclinations and passions; called deeds of the body, because they are supposed to have their origin in the fleshly appetites.

Ye shall live. You shall be happy and saved. Either your sins must die, or you must. If they are suffered to live, you will die. If they are put to death, you will be saved. No man can be saved in his sins. This closes the argument of the apostle for the superiority of the gospel to the law in promoting the purity of man. By this train of reasoning, he has shown that the gospel has accomplished what the law could not do—the sanctification of the soul, the destruction of the corrupt passions of our nature, and the recovery of man to God.

{r} "do mortify" Col 3:5

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