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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 7 - Verse 23

Verse 23. But I see another law. See Barnes "Ro 7:21".


In my members. In my body; in my flesh; in my corrupt and sinful propensities. See Barnes "Ro 6:13".

Comp. 1 Co 6:15; Col 3:5 The body is composed of many members; and as the flesh is regarded as the source of sin, (Ro 7:18) the law of sin is said to be in the members, i.e. in the body itself.

Warring against, fighting against; or resisting.

The law of my mind. This stands opposed to the prevailing inclinations of a corrupt nature. It means the same as was expressed by the phrase "the inward man," and denotes the desires and purposes of a renewed heart.

And bringing me into captivity. Making me a prisoner, or a captive. This is the completion of the figure respecting the warfare. A captive taken in war was at the disposal of the victor. So the apostle represents himself as engaged in a warfare; and as being overcome, and made an unwilling captive to the evil inclinations of the heart. The expression is strong; and denotes strong corrupt propensities. But though strong, it is believed it is language which all sincere Christians can adopt of themselves, as expressive of that painful and often disastrous conflict in their bosoms when they contend against the native propensities of their hearts.

{z} "captivity to the law" Ps 142:7

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