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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 6 - Verse 13

Verse 13.

Neither yield ye your members. Do not give up, or devote, or employ your members, etc. The word members here refers to the members of the body—the hands, feet, tongue, etc. It is a specification of what in Ro 6:12 is included under the general term "body." See Ro 7:5,23; 1 Co 6:15; 12:12,18,20.


As instruments. This word—(opla)—properly signifies arms, or implements of war; but it also denotes an instrument of any kind which we use for defence or aid. Here it means that we should not devote our members—our hands, tongue, etc. —as if under the direction of sinful passions and corrupt desires, to accomplish purposes of iniquity. We should not make the members of our bodies the slaves of sin reigning within us.

Unto sin. In the service of sin; to work iniquity.

But yield yourselves, etc. Give or devote yourselves to God.

That are alive. Ro 6:11.

And your members, etc. Christians should devote every member of the body to God, and to his service. Their tongue should be consecrated to his praise, and to the office of truth, and kindness, and benevolence; their hands should be employed in useful labour for him and his cause; their feet should be swift in his service, and should not go in the paths of iniquity; their eyes should contemplate his works, to excite thanksgiving and praise; their ears should not be employed to listen to words of deceit, or songs of dangerous and licentious tendency, or to persuasion that would lead astray, but should be open to catch the voice of God as he utters his will in the Book of Truth, or as he speaks in the gale, the zephyr, the rolling thunder, the ocean, or in the great events of his providence. He speaks to us every day, and we should hear him; he spreads his glories before us, and we should survey them to praise him; he commands, and our hands, and heart, and feet should obey.

{v} "members as" Col 3:5 {1} "instruments" or "arms, or weapons" {w} "but yield yourselves" Ro 12:1

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