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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 6 - Verse 3

Verse 3. Know ye not. This is a further appeal to the Christian profession, and the principles involved in it, in answer to the objection. The simple argument in this verse and the two following is, that by our very profession made in baptism we have renounced sin, and have pledged ourselves to live to God.

So many of us, etc. All who were baptized; i.e. all professing Christians. As this renunciation of sin had been thus made by all who professed religion, so the objection could not have reference to Christianity in any manner.

Were baptized. The act of baptism denotes dedication to the service of him in whose name we are baptized. One of its designs is to dedicate or consecrate us to the service of Christ. Thus (1 Co 10:2) the Israelites are said to have been "baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea;" i.e. they became consecrated, Or dedicated, or bound to him as their leader and lawgiver. In the place before us, the argument of the apostle is evidently draw from the supposition that we have been solemnly consecrated by baptism to the service of Christ; and that to sin is therefore a violation of the very nature of our Christian profession.

Into. (eiv). This is the word which is used in Mt 28:19, "Teach all nations, baptizing them into (eiv) the name of the Father," etc. It means, being baptized unto his service; receiving him as the Saviour and Guide, devoting all unto him and his cause.

Were baptized into his death. We were baptized with special reference to his death. Our baptism had a strong resemblance to his death. By that he became insensible to the things of the world; by baptism we in like manner become dead to sin. Farther, we are baptized with particular reference to the design of his death, the great leading feature and purpose of his work. That was to expiate sin; to free men from its power; to make them pure. We have professed our devotion to the same cause; and have solemnly consecrated ourselves to the same design—to put a period to the dominion of iniquity.

{1} "were baptized", or "are baptized" {h} "into his death" 1 Co 15:29

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