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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 9 - Verse 4

Verse 4. Who are Israelites. Descended from Israel, or Jacob; honoured by having such an ancestor, and by bearing a name so distinguished as that of his descendants. It was formerly the honourable appellation of the people of God.

To whom pertaineth. To whom it belongs. It was their elevated external privilege.

The adoption. Of the nation into the family of God, or to be regarded as his peculiar people, De 7:6.

And the glory. The symbol of the Divine presence that attended them from Egypt, and that finally rested over the ark in the first temple —the Shekinah, Ex 13:21,22; 25:22.


And the covenants. The various compacts or promises which had been made from time to time with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and with the nation; the pledges of the Divine protection.

The giving of the law. On Mount Sinai, Ex 20:1. Comp. Ps 147:19.

And the service of God. The temple service; regarded by them as the pride and ornament of their nation.

And the promises. Of the Messiah; and of the spread of the true religion from them as a nation.

{x} "adoption" De 7:6 {y} "glory" Ps 90:16; Isa 60:19 {1} "covenants" or, "testaments" {z} "covenants" Ge 17:2; De 29:14; Jer 31:33

{a} "law" Ps 147:19; Ro 3:2 {b} "service of God" Ex 12:25 {c} "promises" Eph 2:12

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