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Verse 26. And when he had scourged Jesus. See Barnes "Mt 10:17".

Among the Romans, it was customary to scourge, or whip, a slave before he was crucified. This was done to inflict a greater suffering than crucifixion would be alone; and to add to the horrors of the punishment. Our Lord, being about to be put to death, after the manner of a slave, was also treated as a slave; as one of the lowest and most despised of mankind,

He delivered him, etc. Not merely he gave him up to them to crucify him, as if they only were answerable, but he gave him up as a judge when he ought to have saved his life, and might have done it. Crucifixion was a Roman punishment; it was performed by Roman soldiers; Pilate pronounced the sentence from the tribunal, and Pilate affixed the title to the cross. Pilate, therefore, as well as the Jews, was answerable to God for the death of the Saviour of the world.

{z} "scourged Jesus" Isa 53:5; Lu 18:33

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