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Verse 48. One of them ran. John Joh 19:28 says, that this was in consequence of Jesus saying, "I thirst." One of the effects of crucifixion was excessive thirst.

Took a spunge. A sponge is a well-known porous substance, that easily absorbs water. It was used in this case because, Jesus being elevated, it was difficult to convey a cup to his lips.

Filled it with vinegar. This was the common drink of Roman soldiers. It was a light wine, turned sour, and mixed with water. John says, Joh 19:29 there was a vessel set full of vinegar, probably for the use of the soldiers who watched his crucifixion.

And put it on a reed. John says, it was put upon hyssop. The hyssop was a shrub, growing so large sometimes as to be called a tree, 1 Ki 4:33. The stalk of this was what Matthew calls a reed. The sponge fastened to this could easily be extended to reach the mouth of Jesus. This vinegar Jesus drank, for it was not intended to stupify him, or blunt his sense of pain like the wine and myrrh.

{o} "with vinegar" Ps 69:21

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