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Verse 6. It is not lawful, etc. It was forbidden De 18:18 to take what was esteemed as an abomination, and to offer it to God. The price of blood—that is, of the life of a man—they justly considered as an improper and unlawful offering.

The treasury. The treasury was kept in the court of the women. See plan of the temple, See Barnes "Mt 21:12".

It was composed of a number of small chests placed in different parts of the courts to receive the voluntary offerings of the people, as well as the half-shekel required of every Jew. The original word, here rendered treasury, contains the notion of an offering to God. What was given there was considered as an offering made to Him.

The price of blood. The life is in the blood. The word blood, here, means the same as life. The price of blood, means the price by which the life of a man has been purchased. This was an acknowledgment that in their view Jesus was innocent. They had bought him, not condemned him justly. It is remarkable that they were so scrupulous now about so small a matter comparatively as putting this money in the treasury, when they had no remorse about murdering an innocent being, and crucifying him who had given full evidence that he was the Messiah. Men are often very scrupulous in small matters, who stick not at great crimes.

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