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Verse 59. He wrapped it in a clean linen cloth. John adds, that this was done with spices, Joh 19:40. The Jews were accustomed to use myrrh, aloes, and other aromatics, in large quantities, when they buried their dead. When they were not regularly embalmed, which was a long and tedious process, they enclosed the spices in the folds of the linen, or wrapped the body in it. Spices were sometimes used in such quantities as to form a heap or bed, on which the dead body was laid. Thus it is said of Asa, (2 Ch 16:14,) they "laid him in the bed which was filled with sweet odours and spices," etc. There not being time properly to embalm the body of Jesus, he was buried in this manner. The women who attended him, either not being aware of this or desirous of showing a farther regard for him, returned from the sepulchre on the first day of the week, and prepared other spices with which to embalm him, Lu 23:56; 24:1.

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