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Verse 29. But I say unto you, etc. That is, the observance of the passover, and of the rites shadowing forth future things, here end. I am about to die. The design of all these types and shadows is about to be accomplished. This is the last time that I shall partake of them with you. Hereafter, when my Father's kingdom is established in heaven, we will partake together of the thing represented by these types and ceremonial observances; the blessings and triumphs of redemption.

Fruit of the vine. Wine, the fruit or produce of the vine, made of the grapes of the vine.

Until that day. Probably the time when they should be received to heaven. It does not mean here on earth, farther than that they would partake with him in the happiness of spreading the gospel, and the triumphs of his kingdom.

When I drink it new with you. Not that he would partake with them of literal wine there, but in the thing represented by it. Wine was an important part of the feast of the passover, and of all feasts. The kingdom of heaven is often represented under the image of a feast. It means that he will partake of joy with them in heaven; that they will share together the honours and happiness of the heavenly world.

New. In a new manner; or, perhaps, afresh.

In my Father's kingdom. In heaven. The place where God shah reign in a kingdom fully established and pure.

{d} "my Father's kingdom" Isa 25:6

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