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Verse 71. When he was gone out into the porch. The entrances or the small apartment between the outer door and the large hall in the centre of the building. See plan of a house, See Barnes "Mt 9:2".

Peter was embarrassed and confused by the question; and to save his confusion attracting notice, he went away from the fire into the porch, where he expected to be unobserved. Yet in vain. By the very movement to avoid detection, he came into contact with another who knew him, and repeated the charge. How clearly does it prove that our Lord was omniscient, that all these things were foreseen!

Another maid saw him. Mark simply says that a maid saw him, From Luke, it would appear that a man spoke to him, Lu 22:58. The truth probably is, that both were done. When he first went out, a maid charged him with being a follower of Jesus. He was probably there a considerable time. To this charge he might have been silent, thinking, perhaps, that he was concealed, and there was no need of denying Jesus then. Yet it is very likely that the charge would he repeated. A man also might have repeated it; and Peter, irritated, provoked, perhaps thinking that he was in danger, then denied his Master the second time. This denial was in a stronger manner, and with an oath. While in the porch, Mark says, the cock crew; that is, the first crowing, or not far from midnight.

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