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Verse 68. Saying, Prophesy unto us, etc. Mark informs us, that before they said this they had blindfolded him. Having prevented his seeing, they ridiculed his pretensions of being the Messiah. If he was the Christ, they supposed he could tell who smote him. As he bore it patiently, and did not answer, they doubtless supposed they had discovered another reason to think he was an impostor; The word prophesy does not mean only to foretell future events—although that is the proper meaning of the word; but also to declare anything that is unknown, or anything which cannot be known by natural knowledge, or without revelation. Luke adds, "And many other things blasphemously spake they against him." There is something very remarkable in this expression. They had charged him with blasphemy in claiming to be the Son of God. This charge they were not able to prove, But the evangelist fixes the charge of blasphemy on them, because he really was the Son of God, and they denied it.

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