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Verse 26. Slothful. Indolent, lazy, who had done nothing. God will judge men, not merely for doing wrong, but for not doing right. See Mt 25:45. That servant was wicked, because he had such an opinion of his master; he had shown that he was slothful, by not making good use of the talent, Mt 25:27.

Thou knewest, etc. This should be understood, and might have been translated, as a question. If you knew he was such a man, you ought to have acted accordingly, so as to have escaped punishment. "Didst thou know that I reap, etc? Then thou shouldst have given my money to the exchangers," etc. This is not intended to admit that he was such a man, but to convict the slothful servant of guilt and folly in not having been prepared to meet him.

{r} "wicked and slothful" Job 15:5,6; Mt 18:32; Lu 19:22; Jude 1:15

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