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Verse 22. Except those days should be shortened. If the calamities of the siege should be lengthened out. If famine and war should be suffered to rage.

No flesh be saved. None of the nations would be preserved alive. All the inhabitants of Judea would perish. The war, famine, and pestilence would entirely destroy them.

But for the elect's sake. The elect here doubtless means Christians. See 1 Pe 1:2; Ro 1:7; Eph 1:4; 1 Th 1:4.

The word elect means to choose. It is given to Christians because they are "chosen to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth," 2 Th 2:13. It is probable that in Jerusalem and the adjacent parts of Judea, there were many who were true followers of Christ. On their account—to preserve them alive, and to make them the instruments of spreading the gospel he said those days should not be lengthened out, and suffered to produce their destruction. It is related by Josephus, (Jewish Wars, book i. chap. 12, § 1,) that Titus at first resolved to reduce the city by famine, he therefore built a wall around it, to keep any provisions from being carried in, and any of the people from going out. The Jews, however, drew up their army near the walls, engaged in battle, and the Romans pursued them, provoked by their attempts, and broke into the city. The affairs of Rome also at that time demanded the presence of Titus there and, contrary to his original intention, he pressed the siege, and took the city by storm—thus shortening the time that would have been occupied in reducing it by famine. This was for the benefit of the "elect." So the designs of wicked men, intended by them for the destruction of the people of God, are intended by God for the good of his chosen people. See Isa 10:7, and See Barnes "Isa 10:7"

on that verse.

{t} "for the elect's sake" Isa 65:8,9

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