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Verse 13. He that shall endure unto the end—shall be saved. The word "end" here has by some been thought to mean the destruction of Jerusalem, or the end of the Jewish economy. And the meaning has been supposed to be, he that perseveres in bearing these persecutions to the end of the wars shall be safe. God will protect his people from harm, so that not a hair of the head shall perish. Others, with more probability, have referred this to final salvation, and refer the "end" to the close of life. He that bears afflictions and persecutions faithfully—that constantly adheres to his religion, and does not shrink till death—shall be saved, or shall enter heaven. So Lu 21:18 says, there should not a hair of the head perish; i.e. they should be saved. A hair of the head, or the smallest part or portion, is a proverbial expression, denoting the certainty and completeness of their salvation. Lu 21:19 farther adds, "In your patience possess ye your souls." That is, keep your souls patient; keep proper possession of patience as your own. It is a part of religion to teach it; and in these trying times let it not depart from you.

{o} "But he that" Re 2:10

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