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Verses 23-33. Conversation of Jesus with the Sadducees respecting the resurrection. See also Mr 12:18-27; Lu 20:27-38.

Verse 23. The same day came to him the Sadducees. For an account of the Sadducees, See Barnes "Mt 3:7".


No resurrection. The resurrection literally means the raising up the body to life after it is dead, Joh 11:24; 5:29; 1 Co 15:22.

But the Sadducees not only denied this, but also a future state, and the separate existence of the soul after death, as well as the existence of angels and spirits, Ac 23:8. Both these doctrines have commonly stood or fallen together, and the answer of our Saviour respects both; though it more distinctly refers to the separate existence of the soul, and to a future state of rewards and punishments, than to the resurrection of the body.

{b} "The same day" Mr 12:18; Lu 20:27 {c} "which say" Ac 23:8

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